Are you prepared to handle the changes life throws at you when you’ve already got your hands full?

Maybe you are, in most aspects, but how about financially? Will you be able to determine on the fly, during the heat of the moment when everything is changing around you and the last thing you want to worry about is what kind of insurance policy you need or what kind of new investment opportunity there might be for these changes?

Of course, most people don’t, which is why we exist in the first place! Not only do we have the power of Northwestern Mutual’s exclusive insurance and investment products, but we also have the skills and training to see your life from a financial perspective and make all the right moves so you get to focus on the more pressing matters that affect your life when a substantial change occurs.

As you know, life never stands still. It evolves, changes direction, and leads to new possibilities. That means your approach to financial security cannot be static, because as your life changes, so do your needs and goals. Your children will grow older and begin to support themselves, your tolerance for investment risk will change, and you may even experience multiple career changes.

There are beneficial adjustments we can make together in each of those cases to help you reach financial security and live the life you desire after retirement. Working together, my team and I can help you identify your financial goals and objectives to help you prepare for the future while helping protect you and your family if life takes an unexpected turn. Keeping pace with life's changes is important, and I’m going to be there every step of the way to ensure none of it becomes financially overwhelming.

My Mission

We help clients make smart financial decisions now that establish strong financial positions in the future. Helping clients reach their goals while protecting what’s most important to them continues to be the most rewarding aspect of this career for me. Having experienced the big market crash in 2008, I saw how it impacted peoples’ lives and how it exposed many to a very tough financial period. During that hectic time, I had to rapidly change all my client portfolios to adjust to the market, making me highly experienced in handily meeting any possible change you might face.

The Northwestern Mutual Difference

Backed by the genuine, client-first model of Northwestern Mutual, my team and I provide you with a balanced approach to achieving financial security, and ultimately, your greater dreams. We are dedicated to assuring your personal aspirations become the foundation upon which we build a financial plan that evolves with you. And when it comes to implementing the best solutions, the full capabilities of Northwestern Mutual are leveraged to provide you with exclusive access to a comprehensive variety of products and services that are designed to help achieve financial freedom for our clients.

Jim LaPinska, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®
Wealth Management Advisor

Axiom Wealth Management Group

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